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Embarking on a surgical journey requires thorough preparation and detailed understanding, ensuring each step is tailored to your individual needs for the most successful outcomes. In Dr Bish Soliman’s practice, we emphasise the importance of comprehensive internal assessments, often facilitated through diagnostic tools like ultrasounds. This non-invasive imaging technique is crucial in providing a clear picture of your internal structures, assisting us in crafting a surgical plan that is as unique as your physiological makeup.

The Importance of Ultrasound in Surgical Preparation

Ultrasound technology offers a window into the body, allowing for real-time imaging of soft tissue, muscle, and internal organs without exposure to radiation. Its role in preparing for surgery is multifaceted:

  • Identifying Underlying Conditions: Ultrasounds can detect abnormalities or pre-existing conditions that need to be considered before surgery, ensuring all aspects of your health are taken into account.
  • Surgical Planning: By understanding the specifics of your internal structures, Dr Soliman can plan the most effective approach to your surgery, ensuring precision and optimal outcomes.
  • Monitoring Treatment: In cases of ongoing treatment, ultrasounds serve as a monitoring tool, tracking the progress of healing or response to treatment.
  • Post-Surgical Assessment: After surgery, ultrasounds can be used to check on the operated area, assess healing, and identify any potential complications early.

When Is an Ultrasound Necessary?

While ultrasounds are not required for every patient, they are indispensable in certain scenarios:

  • Abdominal Surgery: For procedures involving the abdominal area, an ultrasound can provide detailed images of organs and tissues, aiding in the planning process.
  • Breast Procedures: Ultrasounds are often used in conjunction with mammograms to evaluate breast tissue, particularly when considering implants or investigating lumps.
  • Vascular Assessment: For surgeries that involve areas with significant vascular supply, ultrasounds help map out blood vessels.
  • Post-Operative Fluid Collections: To identify and assess fluid collections like seromas or haematomas that can occur after surgery.

Preparing for Your Ultrasound

Preparation is key to ensuring your ultrasound provides the most accurate information:

  • Follow Specific Instructions: Depending on the area being examined, you may receive specific instructions regarding eating, drinking, or medication. Be sure to follow these carefully.
  • Dress Comfortably: Wear loose-fitting clothing, as you may need to expose the area being scanned.
  • Communicate: If you have any concerns, allergies, or anxieties about the procedure, don’t hesitate to communicate these beforehand.

Where to Get an Ultrasound in Sydney

When preparing for your surgical journey with Dr Bish Soliman, obtaining an ultrasound may be a critical step in your pre-operative process. Sydney is home to several reputable ultrasound clinics known for their high-quality imaging services, professional staff, and comfortable environments. Below are some top recommendations for ultrasound clinics in Sydney and websites for easy scheduling.

North Shore Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Located in the heart of St Leonards, this clinic provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services, including high-quality ultrasounds, in a professional and caring environment.

Superscan Parramatta


The team of highly skilled radiologists and technicians is dedicated to offering comprehensive care, working in conjunction with referring medical professionals to provide detailed, informative reports. Superscan’s commitment to utilising cutting-edge technology while maintaining a compassionate approach to patient care establishes it as a preferred destination for ultrasound services.

PRP Diagnostic Imaging

PRP Diagnostic Imaging boasts a wide network across Sydney, offering comprehensive ultrasound services. Their commitment to patient care and advanced imaging technology makes them a preferred choice.

Castlereagh Imaging

With multiple locations throughout Sydney, Castlereagh Imaging provides a range of diagnostic imaging services. Their experienced staff and patient-centric approach ensure a comfortable and professional experience.

I-MED Radiology Network


I-MED Radiology Network is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services in Australia, with their comprehensive range of procedures including high-quality ultrasound scans. Their clinics are strategically located across the country, offering patients convenience coupled with top-tier medical care. I-MED stands out for its use of advanced ultrasound technology, ensuring clear and detailed images that are essential for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

These clinics represent some of the best options for ultrasound imaging in Sydney, combining advanced technology with a commitment to patient satisfaction. When scheduling your ultrasound, consider the location, services offered, and the clinic’s reputation to ensure a smooth and positive experience. It’s also advisable to discuss with Dr Bish Soliman any specific requirements for your ultrasound to ensure the imaging will meet the needs of your upcoming procedure.

How Much Is an Ultrasound in Sydney?

Ultrasounds are an investment in your surgical journey. The costs can vary depending on several factors, including the type of ultrasound and the specific facility. The prices range from $150 to $350 for an abdominal ultrasound.

After the Ultrasound – Next Steps with Dr Bish Soliman

After your ultrasound, we will delve into the results together:

  • Detailed Discussion: Dr Soliman will review your ultrasound images with you, explaining the findings and their implications for your surgery.
  • Surgical Planning: Using the ultrasound findings, we’ll outline the surgical options, discussing the risks, benefits, and expected outcomes.
  • Patient Participation: We encourage questions and active participation in decision-making, ensuring you’re fully informed and comfortable with the planned approach.

About Dr Bish Soliman

Dr Bish Soliman - Sydney Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, about us 01 2x
Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon
FRACS (Plas), MS (Plas), MBBS (Hons 1), BCom

AHPRA Registered Medical Practitioner MED 0001679053 Specialist Registration in Plastic Surgery

Dr Bish Soliman is a Sydney-based Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who performs aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body as well as skin cancer surgery.

He currently holds two consultant microsurgery positions in major Sydney hospitals performing complex microsurgical reconstruction including DIEP breast reconstruction.

After graduating from The King’s School, Dr Bish completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Sydney. After working briefly at a major Sydney finance firm, he decided to pursue his passion and long-term goal of a career in medicine. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame at the top of his class, receiving First class honours and the prestigious Bower and Sherrard medal. He then went on to complete his junior medical training at Westmead Hospital during which time he was awarded Junior Medical Officer (JMO) of the Year, as well as a finalist for NSW Doctor of the Year.


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