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To prepare for breast augmentation surgery, you’ll need to get clear about what you want out of the procedure, learn about what the procedure can do for you and find the right surgeon. You should also get prepared for your recovery period, so that everything is organised by the day of your procedure.

Setting yourself up for success by being properly informed about what the procedure involves, knowing how to describe your desired results and choosing a qualified surgeon is the best way to feel prepared for a positive surgical journey. Throughout this blog, we will guide you on how to ensure that you are prepared for your procedure, well ahead of your surgery day.

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Ultimate Guide To Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Your surgery goals and expectations

First, make sure that you have a clear vision for what you would like to achieve with a breast augmentation procedure. It is important to keep your expectations realistic, familiarising yourself with the in’s and out’s of the procedure to learn what it can achieve.

Getting clear about what you want to achieve and managing your expectations on how to get there is one of the most important steps that you will need to take to prepare for breast augmentation surgery. Have a think about what you would like to change, the results you want and how you think will be the best way to get there.


Learn about what a breast augmentation procedure involves

The best way to prepare for breast augmentation surgery is to know what to expect from the procedure. A breast augmentation is not a one-size-fits-all procedure, and has many options that allow the surgery to be highly personalised.

Generally, breast augmentation procedures involve an initial consultation to understand your goals, make a procedure plan and assess your suitability for the procedure, before performing the procedure that will best suit your needs. The procedure will involve costs that will be influenced by the details of your procedure, and a recovery period during which you will need to follow some essential instructions to ensure best results and minimise complications.

How to choose the right surgeon

Once you feel clear about your goals and expectations, and are familiar with what a breast augmentation procedure involves, you will want to find a qualified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure.

While a breast augmentation falls under the category of cosmetic surgery, there’s a distinct difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon has all of the right qualifications, extensive training, experience and skills to perform cosmetic surgery effectively. Under current laws, anyone who is a doctor can label themselves as a cosmetic surgeon, although they will not have the level of training and expertise that a qualified plastic surgeon has.

During your consultation, make sure that you disclose any medication you are currently taking, and any lifestyle factors that could impact the procedure or the recovery period. Your surgeon will work with you to make a procedure plan that will best support your surgical journey, tailored to your individual needs.

Your consultation is also an opportunity for your doctor to assess your suitability for the procedure. Before your consultation, be prepared to be asked questions to determine if the procedure is right for you, and potentially be offered an alternative should you not be deemed as a suitable candidate. Performing the procedure on suitable candidates only is important when it comes to minimising procedure risks and complications, as well as ensuring that the best results can be achieved for each patient.


Setting yourself up for the best recovery before surgery day

While you prepare for breast augmentation surgery, you should also begin to plan for an efficient, speedy recovery. You can do this by having a thorough discussion about how to best approach your recovery during your consultation with your doctor, and making the necessary preparations in advance.

There will be certain instructions to follow throughout your recovery, that you should make sure you will be able to follow. For example, you will need adequate time off from work to rest at home, avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise, and be able to keep your wounds clean as instructed.

Steps like filling prescriptions, organising a lift home from the hospital and someone to support you at home in the early days of recovery, and ensuring you will be able to manage wound care will set you up for success before the day of your surgery.

You may also want to prepare a designated area in your house to recover comfortably. For example, setting up your room with easy access to comfortable and loose clothing, and moving items you frequently use from higher areas so that you will be able to reach them. It can be a little difficult to lift your arms above your head after a breast augmentation, so wearing loose clothing and avoiding the need to access higher shelves can make recovery a lot easier.

Why choose Dr Bish Soliman for your breast augmentation in Sydney

As a qualified Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon specialising in complex microsurgical reconstruction including breast reconstruction, Dr Bish Soliman has undergone extensive international training to specialise in aesthetic breast surgery.

With his extensive experience, patient-centered approach to care and judgment-free nature, Dr Bish aims to create a space in which each and everyone one of his patients feel understood and comfortable. He is committed to learning advanced procedure techniques as they are discovered, always striving to keep up with the latest technology so that his patients can achieve the best surgical outcomes.

Dr Bish is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS), a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has been trained by internationally renowned surgeons and has won various awards that recognise his expertise and effort. To learn more about Dr Bish and his experience, visit our About Us page.

If you’re ready to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, contact us today to organise a consultation at our Sydney location.

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About Dr Bish Soliman

Dr Bish Soliman - Sydney Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, about us 01 2x
Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon
FRACS (Plas), MS (Plas), MBBS (Hons 1), BCom

AHPRA Registered Medical Practitioner MED 0001679053 Specialist Registration in Plastic Surgery

Dr Bish Soliman is a Sydney-based Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who performs aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body as well as skin cancer surgery.

He currently holds two consultant microsurgery positions in major Sydney hospitals performing complex microsurgical reconstruction including DIEP breast reconstruction.

After graduating from The King’s School, Dr Bish completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Sydney. After working briefly at a major Sydney finance firm, he decided to pursue his passion and long-term goal of a career in medicine. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame at the top of his class, receiving First class honours and the prestigious Bower and Sherrard medal. He then went on to complete his junior medical training at Westmead Hospital during which time he was awarded Junior Medical Officer (JMO) of the Year, as well as a finalist for NSW Doctor of the Year.


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  • You may need to undress for a physical exam so wear comfortable clothes

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