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Plastic Surgery Prices and Fees

Understanding the costs associated with plastic surgery is important for anyone considering such procedures. By offering clear and detailed information, Dr Bish Soliman aims to ensure that patients are fully aware of the financial aspects of their surgical journey.

How Plastic Surgery Prices Are Calculated

The cost of plastic surgery can vary significantly depending on various factors. Here is a breakdown of the main components that contribute to the overall price of a procedure:

  • Surgeon’s Fee: The surgeon’s fee is influenced by the complexity and duration of the procedure, as well as the surgeon’s expertise and experience. Dr Soliman’s extensive training means that his fees reflect the high quality of care he delivers.
  • Anaesthetist’s Fee: The anaesthetist’s fee depends on the type of anaesthesia required (local or general) and the length of the surgery. This fee ensures that a qualified anaesthetist is present to manage your comfort and safety throughout the procedure.
  • Hospital or Facility Fee: This includes the cost of using the operating room, hospital stay (if required), and any additional facilities. The fee varies depending on the duration of the surgery and the specific hospital or surgical centre used.
  • Assistant’s Fee: In some cases, an additional surgical assistant is required. This fee covers the cost of the assistant’s services during the procedure.
  • Medical Devices and Implants: For surgeries that involve implants or other medical devices, such as breast augmentation, the cost of these materials is included. The price can vary based on the type and quality of the implants chosen.

Insured vs. Uninsured Patients

The distinction between insured and uninsured patients plays a significant role in determining the out-of-pocket costs for plastic surgery. Here’s an overview to help you understand the differences and what to expect:

Insured Patients

Patients with private health insurance may receive partial coverage for certain plastic surgery procedures, especially those deemed medically necessary. Insurance does not cover purely cosmetic procedures. It’s important for insured patients to:

  • Check Coverage Details: Contact your insurance provider to confirm whether your planned procedure is covered and to what extent. Provide them with the specific item numbers related to the surgery.
  • Understand Out-of-Pocket Costs: Even with insurance, there may be gaps in coverage that result in out-of-pocket expenses. These can include co-payments, deductibles, and fees not covered by the policy.
  • Claim Process: Be aware of the steps needed to submit claims, including necessary documentation from Dr Soliman and the surgical facility.

Uninsured Patients

For those without private health insurance, all costs will be out-of-pocket. However, you have several payment options to help manage these expenses.

  • Upfront Payments: Some patients may choose to pay the entire cost of the surgery upfront.
  • Payment Plans and Financing: Different financing options are available to spread the cost over time, making it more manageable.

Medicare and Private Health Insurance

Understanding how Medicare and private health insurance can contribute to the cost of plastic surgery is essential for planning your financials.


Medicare may provide rebates for certain plastic surgery procedures that are medically necessary. These procedures include surgeries required to alleviate a health problem rather than those performed for cosmetic reasons.

  • Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, the surgery must meet specific criteria set by Medicare. This often requires documentation from your GP and specialist to confirm the medical necessity.
  • Item Numbers: Each eligible procedure has an associated Medicare item number. You should ensure that your surgery is listed under these item numbers to qualify for rebates.
  • Rebate Amounts: The rebate amount can vary, and it’s essential to check with Medicare to understand the potential rebate you may receive.

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance can cover additional costs that Medicare does not, particularly for hospital stays and surgical fees.

  • Hospital and Surgical Coverage: Private health insurance can cover hospital accommodation, theatre fees, and additional surgical costs not covered by Medicare.
  • Pre-approval: Obtain pre-approval from your insurance provider to confirm what is covered and avoid unexpected costs.
  • Gap Cover: Be aware of any gap cover or additional fees that may not be covered by your insurance, ensuring you understand your financial responsibility.

Payment Methods

There are different payment methods available to ensure you can choose the one that best suits your financial situation:

  • Upfront Payment: Patients can opt to pay the full amount upfront, which may be preferable for those who have saved for their surgery and want to avoid financing costs.
  • Credit Cards: Major credit cards are accepted for payment, offering an option for many patients. However, it’s important to consider the interest rates and fees associated with credit card payments.
  • Third-Party Financing: Medical finance companies offer loans specifically for surgical procedures.

Financial Considerations

When planning for plastic surgery, it’s important to carefully consider the financial aspects to ensure that you are fully prepared for the associated costs. Here are some points to keep in mind:

Budgeting for Surgery

Start by understanding the total cost of the procedure, including all associated fees. Create a detailed budget that accounts for:

  • Surgical Fees: Include the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee, hospital or facility fee, and any assistant’s fees.
  • Pre- and Post-operative Care: Factor in costs for consultations, follow-up visits, and any necessary medical supplies or medications.
  • Recovery Expenses: Consider additional costs such as time off work, travel expenses, and any necessary support during recovery.

Interest Rates and Fees

If you choose to finance your surgery through a payment plan or medical loan, be aware of the interest rates and fees that may apply. High interest rates can significantly increase the overall cost of your procedure. Ensure you:

  • Compare Options: Look at different financing providers to find the best terms and interest rates.
  • Read the Fine Print: Understand all the terms and conditions, including any hidden fees or penalties for late payments.

Long-term Financial Impact

Consider how the cost of surgery fits into your overall financial situation and long-term goals. Avoid overextending yourself financially, as this can lead to stress and financial difficulties. It’s advisable to:

  • Assess Affordability: Ensure that the monthly payments for any financing options are manageable within your budget.
  • Plan for the Future: Think about how this expense will impact your savings and other financial goals.

Contact Information

For more information about pricing, fees, and financing options, or to schedule a consultation with Dr Bish Soliman, please reach out to our office. Our team is dedicated to providing clear and complete information to help you make informed decisions about your plastic surgery journey.

Consultation Booking

To book a consultation with Dr Soliman, please use the following contact methods:

  • Phone: Call our office at 1300 DR BISH (37 2474) to speak with a member of our team and schedule an appointment.
  • Email: Send an email to with your inquiry, and we will respond promptly to arrange a consultation.
  • Online Form: Fill out the online contact form to request a consultation or more information.


Please note that our practice does NOT provide financial advice. We recommend consulting with a financial advisor to evaluate your individual financial situation and determine the best payment or financing options for you.

All surgical procedures carry inherent risks. It is essential to thoroughly consider these risks and discuss them with Dr Soliman during your consultation. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the potential outcomes and complications associated with your chosen procedure.

We do NOT receive any rebates or commissions from the external financing providers. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any financing agreement and seek professional advice if necessary.

FAQs about Plastic Surgery Prices and Fees

How much is a consultation with Dr Bish Soliman?

  • A cosmetic consultation with Dr Bish Soliman is $300 (including GST).

Are there any additional costs that might arise after the initial surgery price is quoted?

  • Yes, while the initial quote includes most costs, there might be additional expenses such as prescription medications, unforeseen complications requiring extra medical care, or additional follow-up visits not covered in the original package.

Can I get a detailed written estimate of my surgery costs?

  • During your consultation, Dr Soliman’s team will provide a written estimate detailing all expected costs, ensuring you understand every financial aspect before proceeding.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my surgery after making a payment?

  • Cancellation and rescheduling policies vary. It’s important to discuss these policies with our office, including any potential fees or refund conditions, during your initial consultation or at the time of booking.

How can I verify what my insurance will cover for my surgery?

  • To verify insurance coverage, contact your insurance provider directly with the item numbers and details of your planned procedure. They can provide specific information on what is covered and any out-of-pocket costs you might incur.


About Dr Bish Soliman

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Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon
FRACS (Plas), MS (Plas), MBBS (Hons 1), BCom

AHPRA Registered Medical Practitioner MED 0001679053 Specialist Registration in Plastic Surgery

Dr Bish Soliman is a Sydney-based Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who performs aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body as well as skin cancer surgery.

He currently holds two consultant microsurgery positions in major Sydney hospitals performing complex microsurgical reconstruction including DIEP breast reconstruction.

After graduating from The King’s School, Dr Bish completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Sydney. After working briefly at a major Sydney finance firm, he decided to pursue his passion and long-term goal of a career in medicine. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame at the top of his class, receiving First class honours and the prestigious Bower and Sherrard medal. He then went on to complete his junior medical training at Westmead Hospital during which time he was awarded Junior Medical Officer (JMO) of the Year, as well as a finalist for NSW Doctor of the Year.


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